The List

All good things start with a list…

1. Meet Joss Whedon 

2. Go to Comic-Con

3. Create my own superhero 

4. Go vampire hunting in Whitby 

5. Experience zero gravity 

6. Survive a zombie apocalypse

7. Visit Cardiff and go on a Doctor Who/Torchwood Tour 

8. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow 

9. Learn how to ride horseback

10. Get photobombed by Nathan Fillion

11. Build my own Tardis

12. Go UFO spotting

13. Drive a Chevy Impala – HALF A TICK – I TOTALLY SAT IN ONE!

14. Visit Hobbiton

15. Watch all 50 of SFXs Top 50 Superhero movies

16. Learn Klingon

17. Go Nessie Spotting 

18. Get an article published in a respected sci-fi magazine/website – CHECK OUT WWW.GEEKSYNDICATE.CO.UK

19. Watch all three Lord of the Rings movies back to back 

20. Read every Discworld book Terry Pratchett has written

21. Meet (and get a photo as evidence) as many of the following as possible; (the actors that play them NOT an actual werewolf/vampire/alien – although that would be cool….)

o Captain of a spaceship Scott Backula/Nathan Fillion

o An angel

o A demon – Mark Sheppard

o A king/queen – Jason Momoa

o A vampire – James Marsters

o A werewolf

o A time traveller – John Barrowman

o A superhero – Stephen Amell

o A super villain  ROBERT ENGLUND

o An alien

o A mutant

o An inhabitant of Middle Earth BILLY BOYD


0 A Fairytale character

0 An FBI Agent

0 A vampire slayer

22. Be an extra in a TV show/film

23. Go to a Cosplay event

24. Visit the town of Vulcan in Canada 

25. Watch Kick Ass 2 with Mark Millar

26. Try some True Blood

27. Visit Stonehenge

28. Go on a Tour of the Most Haunted places in Glasgow

29. Finally figure out what happened at the end of the X-Files – Watch the whole series in order

30. Read all George R.R Martin A Song of Ice and Fire books 


31. Visit Speedys Cafe in London where the exterior of Sherlock (221b Baker Street) is shot.

32. Get the Firefly cast to sign my collectors edition Firefly book (the one that Joss signed!)

33. Visit the Giants Causeway

34. Explore the history of the vampire in Transylvania

35. Visit the witchy Wookey Hole caves in Somerset

36. Get my picture taken outside the Ghostbusters Fire House in New York

37. Do a ‘Paul’ roadtrip visiting Area 51 and nearby Rachael, Nevada

38. See the Northern Lights

39. Visit Mount Doom!

40. Visit all 50 states and go to the geekiest place I can find

41. Go to some of the Game of Thrones filming locations and recreate my favourite scenes

42. Hear Zachary Levi sing live

43. Visit Platform 9 3/4 @ Kings Cross Station

44. Go on a Myths & Legends tour of Scotland

44.  Visit the EMP Museum in Seattle

45.  Find a Moomin

46.  Take a tour of the haunted streets under Edinburgh

47.  Visit the book town of Wigtown

48.  Visit the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Dumfries

49.  Go on a Jack the Ripper Tour in London

50.  Drive a DeLorean

51.  Learn the ways of the Jedi

52. Take part in some LARPing

53. Go Dog Sledding

54. Spend the afternoon in a Board Games Cafe

55.  Visit a Ghost Town and pretend to be in a horror movie

56. Go on a film locations tour of Scotland

57. Visit the Fairy Village in Stirling

58. Visit the Terry Pratchett graffiti on Code Street, near Brick Lane in London

59. Spend the whole day in Powells Books, the book shop in Portland Oregon that takes up a whole city block.

60. Visit King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Wales

61. Spend a bookish day in Hay-On-Wye

62. Spend the night in Puckley, the most haunted village in the UK

63. Explore the beauty of the Highlands with an Outlander tour

64. Find out if there is actually an Alien gargoyle on the side of Paisley Abbey

65. Visit the Fairy Pools in Skye

66. Visit the book village of Hobart, in the outskirts of New York

67. Meet Bill Bryson, the man who made me want to write about the adventures normal people can have when travelling

68. Spend the night in a Hobbit Hole

69. Spent the afternoon in a video games cafe

70. Team up with some friends and try a locked room experience (a la The Crystal Maze)

71. Visit the future birthplace of James T. Kirk (Riverside, Iowa)

72. Line up/Go to a midnight screening of a new movie

73. Visit ‘Star Wars in Glasgow’ in the Variety Bar, Glasgow

74. Attend NineWorlds Convention in London

75. Wander around the Shambles in York and pretend it’s Ankh Morpork

76.  Learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons

77.  Eat in the Doctor Who themed restaurant in New York

78. Visit the weirdest museums in the UK

79.  Curate my own geek exhibition – isn’t it about time we had a Whedon Museum?

80.  Do a TV show location tour of Vancouver – Once Upon a Time, X-Files, Supernatural

81.  Explore the myths and legends of Scandinavia

82.  Go to a convention in a non-UK country

83. Visit as many locations from Star Wars: The Force Awakens as possible (Puzzlewood, Skellig Michael etc)

84. Visit the Star Wars exhibition at Madame Tussauds

85. Meet the cast of each of my favourite shows; Firefly, Buffy, Supernatural & The X-Files

86. Visit the Star Trek exhibition in Blackpool

87. Do a tour of The Walking Dead locations in Georgia

88. Start my own geeky or travel podcast

89. Pick a place in the world and visit the Top 10 Atlas Obscura attractions. Repeat.