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July 27

SDCC: The Art of the Movie Trailer

If you were one of the lucky 130,000 people who were at San Diego Comic Con last weekend, then you are probably going to spend this week recovering from blisters, con flu, an empty bank account and a general comedown of epic proportions. The rest of us though are going to spend the week sifting through […]

July 14

#SDCCfrommycouch Round Up

What a fantastic weekend that was! #SDCCfrommycouch was even more fun that I thought it would be. OK, so the biggest convention on the planet was in San Diego and I was at home in Scotland but that didn’t stop me from seeing as much as I possibly could via the wonder of the interwebs. […]

July 06


Number two on the list is Go to Comic Con. Now I’ve been to lots of conventions over the past couple of years but when I wrote this down I was talking about the Daddy of them all, the Big Kahuna, the Numero Uno, the behemoth that is – San Diego Comic Con. This year, […]