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August 05

When the weight of the words is on your shoulders

I’ve been beating myself up for the past couple of months.  I just couldn’t fathom why I was finding it so difficult to make headway on Book 2.  I mean, I’ve already written a book, surely writing a second one should be a walk in the park, right?

October 20

I survived a Zombie Apocalypse (kind of)

One of the items on my Adventure list is Number 6. Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Kind of hard to do, I realise. Not the type of thing that you can practice on a Saturday afternoon in the local church hall. But my sister came up with the next best thing…

August 18

It’s finally here! My Big Geek Adventure is available on Kindle

You may remember that I posted last week about how nervous I was to publish my book.  Those nerves only got stronger as the big day approached.

August 06

My Big Geek Adventure Book Cover!

I have a book cover!  Can I just say how exciting and terrifying that is?  Exciting because it means that it’s actually happening, I’m publishing my own book.  Terrifying because it means it’s actually happening, I’m publishing my own book…..

July 14

The scariest chapter of the Adventure so far….

It’s the start of my holidays and I am perched cross-legged on the sofa, computer on my lap, trying to finish something that I started nearly three years ago. For those of you who have been following My Big Geek Adventure from the very start, you will know that my journey started with a list.  […]