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Creating a Dream Superhero..

I’m sitting in my living room. It’s 11.30pm and I’m surrounded by hi-vis vests, wrestling with a pair of scissors and legwarmers and I’m worried that my wig won’t fit. I feel like I should explain….

May 01

The Very First Item Off The List

The Adventure has started! A few days ago, Husband had noticed that John Barrowman was going to be signing copies of the new Torchwood tie-in book with his sister, the author Carole Barrowman, in a large bookshop chain in the centre of Glasgow. I thought John was fantastic in everything I saw him in and since […]

My Big Geek Adventure – a year on…

  Hello! As you may know I spent September 2012 to September 2013 attempting to cross as many things from My Big Geek Adventure list as possible.  And what a year it was!  There were more famous folk than I could shake a lightsaber at, hundreds of miles travelling around the UK and even a […]

So….hello then

Hi! I’ve finally taken the plunge and sorted myself out with a blog.  Having recently started reviewing for Geek Syndicate and having to figure out how to use Word Press I decided I should probably have my own blog since I already have a Facebook page and Twitter account. So, whats the point of this blog […]