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August 20

Books v Business (and free stuff)

Hooray! Book 2, The Road to Nerdvana launched last week and I’ve been in a daze ever since. Stunned that I managed to finish a second book, pleasantly surprised that people are buying it and delighted that people are responding to it positively. This book has been my whole world for the past few months and I know […]

August 06

My Big Geek Adventure Book Cover!

I have a book cover!  Can I just say how exciting and terrifying that is?  Exciting because it means that it’s actually happening, I’m publishing my own book.  Terrifying because it means it’s actually happening, I’m publishing my own book…..

July 14

The scariest chapter of the Adventure so far….

It’s the start of my holidays and I am perched cross-legged on the sofa, computer on my lap, trying to finish something that I started nearly three years ago. For those of you who have been following My Big Geek Adventure from the very start, you will know that my journey started with a list.  […]

June 16

It’ll take more than that to scare a Glaswegian baby!

After a year of traveling hundreds of miles to cross things off the list, I was in for a treat. Collectormania is a convention that travels around the country taking in Milton Keynes, Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff. After months of waiting it was finally hitting Glasgow, which meant that I could just jump in the car and be there in […]

June 12

Heading to Belfast for another Adventure!

We are off on another adventure! Tomorrow, Husband and I will be jumping on a plane and taking the super short journey from Glasgow to Belfast.  Normally I would be a bit concerned about getting on a plane on FRIDAY 13th but I’m so excited about our trip that I don’t care!

June 11

Driving on the wrong (or right?) side of the road

After our Jedi encounter which you can read about here we made our way to the car rental service. Since Husband wasn’t feeling great after the flight, I had volunteered to drive the 20-minute journey from the airport to the hotel. It seemed like a short trip after our 7 hour flight and it hadn’t occurred to […]

May 06

Binoculars are harder to come by than you would think….

I thought as part of the secret grown up club, every parent had a pair of binoculars. You know, stashed in that cupboard where they keep tins of nails and screws and a random assortment of plastic containers including the ‘sick bucket’ and the weird shaped basin you use to wash the windows. I was […]