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August 25

From a Hobbit to a Wookiee – Another Tick off The List

Another one off the List Dun Dun Dun Another one off the List And another one off And another one off And another one off the List Ohhhh, I’m gonna score you off! Another one of the List-ah!* Last weekend saw the newly re-branded Glasgow Film and Comic Con (formerly Collectormania) return to Braehead. Advertisements

June 19

Waiter, there’s a Hobbit in my soup!

I’m a geek. Not the most controversial¬†of statements, after all this blog is called My Big Geek Adventure! ¬†Being a geek means that I’m a fan, I get excited and enthused about things I love and one of those things is Lord of the Rings. You can tell this by last years Halloween costume….