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Geekfest Road Trip 2015 The Last Leg

The last leg of our trip was to Snowdonia National Park.  I had planned this in as I REALLY wanted to try the longest zip slide in Europe (I have an obsession with being able to fly…..I’m not convinced that it won’t eventually be my super power).

June 26

Geekfest Road Trip 2015 Part Three

There’s nothing like some torrential rain to remind you that you are in the UK.  But a little (actually a lot, a hell of a lot, like rivers of the stuff) rain wasn’t going to stop us from getting our geek on!

June 19

Geekfest Road Trip 2015 Part Two

If a geek is tired of London, then she is tired of life ….or something like that…

June 12

Geekfest Road Trip 2015 Part One

As promised, I wanted to share some photos from Geekfest Road Trip 2015 with you (yeah, I gave it a name…..) Leaving from Glasgow, the first location on our itinerary was Whitby. Why Whitby?