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July 04

Bank Holiday Bookshop Bonanza – Another Tick off the List!

While ‘Visit the book town of Wigtown’ has been on my list for a while, it’s been on my radar for much, much longer.  Ever since I heard that there was a National Book town in Scotland I was desperate to go and visit but every time I planned to go, my plans were scuppered […]

October 05

Dreaming of Bookshops

I spent most of today reading The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell and it has been wonderful.  It’s a book full of the reasons that people love books and the people who sell them.  It’s touched me in a very personal way since a decade ago I was one of those people.

July 03

Bookshops are magical… in any country!

Bookshops are the most exciting places on earth. Nothing gets my heart racing like the prospect of a leisurely browse amongst the musty-smelling, crowded shelves of a second hand bookshop. You never know what treasures you might unearth. And by that I don’t mean a rare or valuable first edition (I wouldn’t have a clue […]