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August 08

Release date for Book 2 ‘The Road to Nerdvana’

I’m very excited! I have a cover for Book 2! And a name! And soon a blurb! And an impending release date! And lastly a book! (if levels of excitement could be measured by exclamation marks then mine would be off the chart) But that excitement is coupled with the shredded nerves that comes with publishing a book. […]

July 04

Bank Holiday Bookshop Bonanza – Another Tick off the List!

While ‘Visit the book town of Wigtown’ has been on my list for a while, it’s been on my radar for much, much longer.  Ever since I heard that there was a National Book town in Scotland I was desperate to go and visit but every time I planned to go, my plans were scuppered […]

March 14

Books at the Botanics, Glasgow

I have a problem that I’m sure many of you can probably identify with.  I have a lot of books.  I mean, A LOT of books. It was getting to the point where  I was starting to get worried that one of the numerous wobbly piles dotted around our flat might finally collapse and trap […]

November 20

Confession from a paperback lover

I have always read a lot of books, mostly before I go to sleep at night.  Have done ever since I was a kid.  Sometimes it would be for 10 minutes to lull me to sleep and sometimes, if the book was good enough, it would carry me into the wee hours of the morning. […]

BOOK – My Big Geek Adventure – FAQ’s

If you follow this blog already you will know that My Big Geek Adventure is available on Kindle (yay!).  It’s been a couple of months now since I have published and I have had a few FAQ that I thought I should answer.

October 05

Dreaming of Bookshops

I spent most of today reading The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell and it has been wonderful.  It’s a book full of the reasons that people love books and the people who sell them.  It’s touched me in a very personal way since a decade ago I was one of those people.

July 03

Bookshops are magical… in any country!

Bookshops are the most exciting places on earth. Nothing gets my heart racing like the prospect of a leisurely browse amongst the musty-smelling, crowded shelves of a second hand bookshop. You never know what treasures you might unearth. And by that I don’t mean a rare or valuable first edition (I wouldn’t have a clue […]