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April 10

We’re going on a Geek Adventure Road Trip!

Remember when I decided to give myself a year to cross off as many items from my Geek Adventure list as possible? I thought I did pretty well with my 52 weeks. I wonder how many I can get crossed off in just 2…..

April 07

The importance of Fandom

Sometime life really sucks… Not the best opening line I’ve ever written but stay with me here…

August 18

It’s finally here! My Big Geek Adventure is available on Kindle

You may remember that I posted last week about how nervous I was to publish my book.  Those nerves only got stronger as the big day approached.

June 22

5 Reasons to be a Part Time Traveller

I love to travel (as you may have noticed). It might be a day trip somewhere local or a week in some far flung destination.  Either way, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of getting in the car or on the plane and knowing that you are off to explore somewhere new.

May 06

Binoculars are harder to come by than you would think….

I thought as part of the secret grown up club, every parent had a pair of binoculars. You know, stashed in that cupboard where they keep tins of nails and screws and a random assortment of plastic containers including the ‘sick bucket’ and the weird shaped basin you use to wash the windows. I was […]