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Feb Blog 1 – Why blog for a month?

Evening all! Just wanted to share with you my newest scheme – I am planning on writing a blog a day for the month of February. I realise that it would be catchier to do it in May (a blog a day in May, it rhymes don’t you know) but I was feeling inspired so […]

August 20

Books v Business (and free stuff)

Hooray! Book 2, The Road to Nerdvana launched last week and I’ve been in a daze ever since. Stunned that I managed to finish a second book, pleasantly surprised that people are buying it and delighted that people are responding to it positively. This book has been my whole world for the past few months and I know […]

August 08

Release date for Book 2 ‘The Road to Nerdvana’

I’m very excited! I have a cover for Book 2! And a name! And soon a blurb! And an impending release date! And lastly a book! (if levels of excitement could be measured by exclamation marks then mine would be off the chart) But that excitement is coupled with the shredded nerves that comes with publishing a book. […]

January 13

Another Tick off the list – Meet Bill Bryson

I’m not a fan of January.  As I write this, I’m wrapped in a blanket surrounded with half drunk bottles of water and piles of used tissues.  Yes, the New Year lurgy has well and truly hit.  But in an attempt to start the year off in a positive way, I wanted to share with […]

November 20

Confession from a paperback lover

I have always read a lot of books, mostly before I go to sleep at night.  Have done ever since I was a kid.  Sometimes it would be for 10 minutes to lull me to sleep and sometimes, if the book was good enough, it would carry me into the wee hours of the morning. […]

September 11

Limbo Writing Land

I feel on edge. I feel like things have stalled while I’ve been writing for the past few months but could soon get bigger than ever before.*

August 05

When the weight of the words is on your shoulders

I’ve been beating myself up for the past couple of months.  I just couldn’t fathom why I was finding it so difficult to make headway on Book 2.  I mean, I’ve already written a book, surely writing a second one should be a walk in the park, right?