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Remembering my Dad

You may have noticed that I only got 2 days into my ‘A Blog a Day in February’ and then everything went silent. I started with so much gusto but then my Dad fell ill quite suddenly and passed away. It feels strange writing that down…… like it’s a work of fiction rather than reality. […]

John Scalzi’s Utterly Useless Writing Advice

Originally posted on Whatever:
People wrote me: “Hey, as long as you’re reposting old crap, why don’t you repost your “Utterly Useless Writing Advice”? Well, okay. I’ve made some minor changes to get certain personal facts up to date, but otherwise it’s the same cranky bit of advice it was when I wrote it in…


Last weekend I jumped in my car and traveled over 500 miles from Glasgow to Wrexham and back, for my first ever visit to Wales Comic-Con. I had booked my tickets at the end of the year, impressed by the number of big names it had managed to attract.  You expect to be able to […]

My Big Geek Adventure: What’s On Your Geeky Bucket List?

Fandom is a funny thing, it makes you passionate about things that other people don’t give a second thought about. Last year, as I was daydreaming during one particularly slow day at work I took out a piece of A4 paper and scrawled TO DO LIST along the top. Now this was not an unusual occurrence […]