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March 09

Another Tick (Tock) off the list – Surviving a Locked Room Experience

Sherlock Holmes.  Miss Marple.  Jessica Fletcher.  Hercule Poirot.  They ain’t got nothing on me! If you are unaware of the phenomenon of ‘live escape’ games, let me fill you in.  You arrive at a nondescript office block (wondering if you are in the right place), where you are ushered into a room set up with […]

February 24

Marvel-lous Renaissance at Glasgow Film Festival

Excuse the pun in the title, I genuinely couldn’t help myself….it’s like a disease! Another cold night in Glasgow and another film from Glasgow Film Festival.  This time the location was not a secret and after a bite to eat, we headed to the CCA on Sauchiehall Street.  Not our usual haunt I must admit […]

February 19

Con Air reaches new heights at Glasgow Film Festival

Planes! Secret Locations! Dangerous Criminals! Nicolas Cage being his most Nicolas Cage-y! What’s not to love?

February 05

2016: The year of Geek in Glasgow

As much as travel plays a massive element in My Big Geek Adventure, sometimes it’s nice to know that there are activities close to home where I can satisfy my geeky tendencies.  So far, Glasgow is shaping up to be THE place to be in 2016 and with Book 2 about to be published, I’m thinking that […]

January 21

Mulder, it’s me….

Buffy. Firefly. Supernatural. The X-Files…… In alphabetical order, these are MY shows, the ones that are in the very DNA of my geekdom. I know other people love them, I’m not claiming to be the BIGGEST fan of these shows. They just happen to be the ones that feel like they belong to me, that feel […]

October 02

Glasgow Doors Open Day Delights (Part 1)

  I’m almost embarrassed to post this blog since it’s two weeks late but life, and to be honest, the need for some kind of sleep has scuppered my scheduling plans somewhat. So, Doors Open Day!  First of all I want to say that this was one of the most fun weekends I’ve had in […]

August 07

Doors Open Day – A Geeky Glasgow Treasure

I realise that being excited is my natural state but I am SUPER EXCITED about the upcoming Doors Open Day in Glasgow. Sometimes I am so focused on the world outside Scotland that I forget about all the fantastically interesting things on my own doorstep. So when the Doors Open Day brochure was published online, I printed […]