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July 06

Top 5 countries that make me click on your blog

I am a travel blog junkie.  I LOVE THEM and can’t get enough.  Over the past few months, while building my own blog, I’ve been reading even more of these than usual.  Some are informative, some are funny and some are just downright beautiful.  All of them though have one thing in common…..they are usually […]

July 03

Bookshops are magical… in any country!

Bookshops are the most exciting places on earth. Nothing gets my heart racing like the prospect of a leisurely browse amongst the musty-smelling, crowded shelves of a second hand bookshop. You never know what treasures you might unearth. And by that I don’t mean a rare or valuable first edition (I wouldn’t have a clue […]

June 26

I think the SatNav is trying to kill us…..

Following on from my recent post about driving for the first time in Canada, I thought I would share another ‘scary driving’ experience.  Still in Canada, this time we were headed to Drumheller…

June 11

Driving on the wrong (or right?) side of the road

After our Jedi encounter which you can read about here we made our way to the car rental service. Since Husband wasn’t feeling great after the flight, I had volunteered to drive the 20-minute journey from the airport to the hotel. It seemed like a short trip after our 7 hour flight and it hadn’t occurred to […]

Was that a Jedi? Feeling the (Border Control) Force..

Since teleporters have yet to be invented, we were travelling from Glasgow to Calgary in the conventional way, by plane. My usual paranoia about missing the flight had set in and I had stayed up watching episodes of Firefly all night to ensure that we didn’t sleep in and miss the alarm clock. The flight was […]