Preview of Wales Comic Con – 2nd & 3rd December 2017

My favourite UK convention is coming up again at the start of December and I CAN’T WAIT to attend for the third time. I’ve written about previous visits here and here and it’s always a great time so I wanted to share with you what I’m looking forward to in just a few weeks. Jamie and the WCC team have really pulled off a line up that would put many larger conventions to shame and more importantly, have managed to keep prices at an affordable level.

I’m finally going to get to meet Buffy’s mum!

I’ve been collecting signatures/photos with the Buffy cast over the past few years and I’ve been lucky enough to meet James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon and Anthony Stewart Head. I’m super excited to meet Kristine Sutherland AKA Joyce Summers as, for me, she plays such a huge part in the Buffyverse. She seems like a lovely lady in real life and anyone who didn’t cry when they watched ‘The Body’ has a stone for a heart.  She is number one on my list to meet at this con.

The Walking Dead arrive en masse

You may love it and watch religiously every week or you may have come to a point where you have abandoned it. Either way there’s no denying that The Walking Dead is a cultural phenomenon. I’m really looking forward to the panel as I can imagine from the mix of actors in attendance, there will be many stories to tell!

The Truth is Out There….in Wrexham!

Seasons 1 to 4 of the X-Files have such a special place in my heart and Assistant Director Walter Skinner plays a big part of that. Of course, he also crossed over into the Supernatural universe so it’s almost like a 2 fandoms for the price of 1 kind of deal.

John Noble – fantasy royalty

Starring in both Lord of the Rings and Fringe, you have probably seen John Noble in something that you love in the sci-fi/fantasy landscape. I’m hoping that he is on a panel as I could listen to him talk for hours.

There are still tickets left for the event and I would VERY much recommend it (this post is not sponsored in any way and I bought my own tickets). You can find out more at

I promise a full run down of how my day goes after the 3rd December!

L-J x