An update on My Big Geek Adventure

Come on in, excuse the mess. I realise it’s a bit dusty in here, I haven’t been around for a while. Shall we have a chat? I’ll put the kettle on…..

In my last post I told you that my Dad had passed away. That was nearly 6 months ago and it still hurts every day. I’m still trying to find my rhythm. Some days it hurts to get out of bed and other days I catch a glimpse of what life could be like if I could just shake the cloud of grief that lingers over me. Luckily, the positive days are outnumbering the negative ones. Add this to having to plan for moving house in August and starting a new career and you can understand why I haven’t posted on my blog for while.

I just needed some time.

So, where does My Big Geek Adventure fit into the picture? It has been such a mainstay in my life for the past 5 years (yes, 5 years!) but I’ll be honest, I’ve had to deal with real life. I had to be with my family and figure out how to heal together. MBGA is all about ignoring my fears and living life to the max. It’s about fun and joy and laughter and saying yes to things that I never thought I would. Now, after 5 years of adventuring it feels like it’s ready to morph into something else. If MBGA was the learning curve, what comes next? I have various plans (a name change for a start) and have been working on some things in an effort to focus on the future and the possibilities it has to offer.

I just need a bit more time.

Things are changing so much, my enthusiasm for life which has been buried under a million other emotions is trying to get back to the surface. I can feel it.

I want the joy back, I want to be an adventurer again.

As soon as the plans that are flying around in my head turn into something concrete, I promise I will share them with you. In the meantime – hug the people you love, say YES to things and live your fandom.

L-J x