My first ever Geek Girl Brunch

A random interaction at a Sainsbury’s checkout recently had given me pause for thought and made me question a very important issue in my life – friends. Or more specifically, geeky girl friends (or the need for more in my life)

The aforementioned interaction when something like this;

*beep* scans Avengers wallet

Checkout guy (to Husband): Are you buying a new wallet?

Me (smiling): No it’s for me actually

*beep* scans Star Wars tin

Checkout guy (to Husband): Oh another treat eh?

Me (still trying to smile): Nope, still for me

*beep* scans big bag of Jelly Babies

Checkout guy (to me): I know who these are for (giving Husband a grin and a nod towards me)

Me (steam starting to come out of my ears): Uh-huh

*beep* scans Star Wars t-shirt

Checkout guy (to me): Oh, is he dragging you along to see the new Star Wars then?

Can we just stop for a second here? So far this guy thinks that both the Avengers and Star Wars items are for Husband, that the Jelly Babies are for me and that Husband will be ‘dragging me’ along to see Rogue One. I was finding it hard to not get angry at this point.

Me (trying to keep my cool and still be jovial): Oh it’s the other way around I think!

Checkout guy (eying me disbelievingly): Oh right…..

We left the store in a hurry before my head exploded all over the checkout area. Talk about a supermarket sweep(ing) generalisation! Once again, I was reminded that for some reason, not all men realise that women can be geeks.

Which brings me back around to the friend issue. How does a geek-inclined woman in her mid-30s find female friends with similar interests? While I LOVE and enjoy my circle of friends (and have many with interests that overlap mine), life, families and geography means that I’m not always able to spend as much time with them as I would like. Add that to the fact that I am guilty of having fallen into the ‘couple bubble’. I enjoy Husbands company so much that I forget sometimes that it’s good for us to spend some the odd afternoon apart every so often.

All of this was buzzing around in my head when a stray mention of something called Geek Girl Brunch popped up on Twitter. I had signed up to the website a few months before out of passing interest but hadn’t managed to get along to a brunch yet. There always seemed to be something else in the diary .That all changed last weekend when I attended my very first one.geek-girl-brunch-logo-skinny-21

The Geek Girl Brunch had begun in New York and now had chapters all over the world. Their mission was;

Geek Girl Brunch hopes to create a safe environment where identifying geek girls can be themselves to give voice, network, create friendships, inspire each other and hang out!

The RSVP was sent and the date put in my diary. I know that the idea of walking into a room of people that you’ve never met before and having lunch with them would be on many peoples ‘Oh Hell No’ list  but it didn’t cross my mind to be nervous. Being a naturally curious (not nosy, curious!) person means that you are never nervous about meeting new people as they all have an interesting story to tell.

The venue was Sugar Dumplin’ in Glasgow (which I had never been to before) and I was made to feel welcome immediately by the ladies. I had taken along a bag of fun Star Wars goodies that I thought could be some Secret Santa fun, should the conversation run dry. I needn’t have worried (although they all seemed to enjoy their small gifts)

The conversation among the five of us was never stilted, buoyed along with snippets of D&D, TV shows we loved, feminism, the lovely food, blogging and of course the upcoming Star Wars movie.

It was only my first time there and I already know I would like to go again. The women who attended were all lovely and open about their geekiness with no judgement and more importantly, no competitiveness.

After my supermarket checkout catastrophe, it was nice to feel relaxed in the company of other geeky girls. I can’t wait for the next one!

Click here to find out more about Geek Girl Brunch and if they have a chapter near you. I promise you, you won’t regret going along!