Kick-Ass creative ladies!

With this blog and my books, over the past three years I have carved out a little piece of the interwebs that I can call my own. I can create content (slowly, I know but writing books takes time) and talk about my two loves – geekdom and travel. While I’ve been doing this I’ve found other female creators out there who have inspired and entertained me and I wanted to take a moment to share the love for these ladies.

Tiny Fences – A Buffy Podcast


I stumbled upon this Buffy podcast a few months ago and downloading it was the best thing I ever did! Like so many people, I had started to listen to the Lore podcast and was enjoying the spooky tales in an audio format. Major Warning! If you are not already hooked on podcasts, Lore is a gateway drug. With all of that ear-pleasing goodness, I craved more audio! I duly searched for a Buffy podcast and found Tiny Fences.

The premise of the podcast is that Andrea (a fellow Buffy fan who has seen the show multiple times) is re-watching episode by episode with Amanda (who has never seen it before and refreshingly unspoiled). The result is a highly entertaining, at times serious and always engaging hour of audio loveliness.  Andrea is extremely knowledgeable and is brilliantly steers the conversation through all the topics that are covered in that weeks Buffy episode.

Meanwhile, co-host Amanda is the perfect combination of innocent questions, a fun sense of humour and a musicality that adds a whole new dimension to the podcast. Not often do you listen to a host burst into song when discussing TV shows. It may sound a bit odd but trust me, it’s totally amazing!

And did I mention that they are both Canadian? My favourite TV  heroine being discussed by two wonderful Canadian women? SIGN ME UP! (I realise I’m Scottish but Canadians and Kiwis are my faves).

The highest compliments I can give these ladies are that (a) I have been so inspired that I have now added ‘Create my own Podcast’ to the Geek Adventure list and (b) I feel like I’m already friends with them and we’ve never even met! If you are even slightly interested in Buffy,  I would highly recommend this podcast.



The Hillywood Show – Made for fans, by fans

Sisters are doing it for themselves! Literally, every word of that sentence is true when it comes to the Hillywood Show. Sisters Hannah and Hilly Hindi have spent the last few years honing their craft and creating fandom parodies for all of your favourite genre shows/films.

Their parodies were kind of on my radar when they did a Doctor Who one, they then EXPLODED by doing a pitch-perfect Supernatural tribute and have completed the SuperWhoLock triumvirate with their recent astounding Sherlock video.

They don’t just star in these little slices of fandom gold but they direct, edit, produce, fund raise, promote….every aspect of the creative process you can think of, they are in control of. Considering the lack of female filmmakers we have in genre films, these two are a powerhouse of creative talent. And they are doing it on their own with only the power of the fans supporting them on Patreon to fund them.

With filming of their newest parody, Suicide Squad, just started these ladies are inspiring for anyone who wants to make their own fan fiction or take it ten steps beyond that. Don’t take my word for it, just check out the levels of attention to detail in any of their videos.



Psycho Traveller – Wonderful Wanderlust

I realise that this is less of a geek thing and more of a travel thing and that’s fine. When something is great, it’s great. It’s as simple as that.

I found Aly when I was looking for YouTube videos on New Zealand. Since then, I’ve seen her travel around Thailand and have experienced her journeys through her lens. Fun and fresh, she concentrates on what traveling is actually like rather than the idealized version that some travel vloggers promote. And her other half has a beard (which as the wife of a hairy man, I can appreciate). If you like positive, fun and thoughtful travel vlogs, this is one that I can highly recommend.


If you get a chance I would recommend checking out all of these talented women. The internet has given us all a opportunity to create and share with a huge audience and sometimes, if you are lucky, you find some gems like these that you can really connect with. Enjoy!