NOVEMBER MEGA POST: Latvia, Whitby and The Forbidden Corner

The 5 regular readers that I have (Hi Dad!) may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything on here for a while. I could give you a list of excuses as long as my arm as to why that is but honesty is the best policy. I was so knackered after releasing my second book that I needed a bit of a break from writing to recharge my batteries. I needed to step away from the computer, have a rest and allow myself to take a breath.

So a wee break is exactly what I’ve had! I’ve had about eight weeks where I’ve barely lifted a pencil and this time has included; a week long visit to Riga in Latvia, an unexpected road trip to Whitby and a super fun Forbidden Corner exploration. The time was also filled with celebrations, old friends and planning new adventures. So where to start…..? I’ve written a list (surprise, surprise). You might want to sit down and have a cuppa, there’s a lot to catch up on!

1. Latvia

Our week in Riga was an unusual holiday in that for the first time in a few years, we weren’t there to specifically attend an event, visit a filming location or try to meet anyone. To be honest we were there because the flights were easy on the wallet, our accommodation was cheap and it sounded a bit random and interesting (yes, that’s what we based our choice of holiday on!)

While there were no directly fandom related geeky treasures to be found in Riga, there were plenty of hidden gems. Beautiful and varied architecture, quirky cobbled streets and a vibe of a country that was beginning to find it’s own identity and become comfortable with it. But of course, no matter where you are in the world, there are always a few geeky bits and pieces to sniff out!



America is all ‘Area-51 on your ass’ while the Latvians are much more chilled about it 🙂 I was tempted to stick around so I could cross UFO spotting off the list…




If only this was real, then all of my Game of Thrones wildest dreams would have come true. In reality, it was one of many 3D drawings that could be found in Mezaparks as a leftover from the 3D street art festival.

If you are ever looking for a cheap European long weekend, I would thoroughly recommend Riga (but get used to the residents not holding the doors open for anyone).


2. Wonderful Whitby


Our road trip to Whitby was undertaken at the very last minute. Husband had managed to bag two tickets to the filming of ‘The Grand Tour’, the new Amazon TV show presented by the old Top Gear presenters. While I’m not very knowledgeable about cars, Husband was mega excited and when I heard that it was in one of my favourite places in the world, Whitby, I was totally on board.

An opportunity to further explore one of the most atmospheric places in the world? See behind the scenes of a TV show being shot? Staying at Bats & Broomsticks, which as far as I’m concerned is one of the best B&B in Britain? YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE! We had a short but sweet visit which reminded me why I love road trips to begin with.


3. The Forbidden Corner, North Yorkshire


I kind of don’t want to describe The Forbidden Corner too much in case I spoil it for you. Husband and I spent an overcast afternoon there with very little expectations or per-conceived notions. We ended up having possibly the most fun afternoon we’ve had in years! The photo above is the entrance way and I’ll link to their website. I’ll just say that if you enjoy puzzles and weirdness and being outside and surprises and exploring and adventures….then you NEED to go here!


4. 96.3 Rock Radio is coming back!

Rock Radio header

You may remember I wrote an impassioned blog post a few months back about a radio station that I used to work for called 96.3 Rock Radio. That station no longer existed but the people who loved it had banded together and they were trying to win the licence back from Ofcom to restart it again. Well, we found out at the end of October that the group were successful and Rock Radio is coming back! I am ridiculously excited at this prospect and while I know it takes months to get these things up and running, I wish it was starting tomorrow! I’ll keep you updated on the story as it progresses.


5. Haunted sleepover at Britannica Panopticon

This hasn’t happened yet but my lovely friend Kirsty and I are taking part in a sleepover at an old music hall in Glasgow in a couple of weeks time. We’ve been on ghost hunts together before (see Book 1) and I know that we will have a really interesting, spooky and more importantly fun time together. A full report to follow in a couple of weeks….

Add to all of this – birthdays, Christmas, numerous social events and LOTS OF PLANNING FOR NEXT YEAR and I’ve decided to give myself the rest of 2016 off from writing books. I’ll still be looking out for more adventures that I can cross of the list and will be publishing more regular blog posts to keep my writing practice up but I want to start 2017 fresh and excited for Book 3.

I hope some of this has been of interest and I’m really looking forward to blogging more regularly again.

Have a great day! x