From a Hobbit to a Wookiee – Another Tick off The List

Another one off the List
Dun Dun Dun
Another one off the List
And another one off
And another one off
And another one off the List
Ohhhh, I’m gonna score you off!
Another one of the List-ah!*

Last weekend saw the newly re-branded Glasgow Film and Comic Con (formerly Collectormania) return to Braehead.

The event felt just as busy as previous years but an improved layout meant that the usual crush was abated – good move Showmasters! There were plenty of vendors hawking their geeky wares but it was the guests that made me even more excited than usual for this convention. It’s no secret that Glasgow usually only attracts maybe one BIG name but this year was the best line-up yet. It was a great selection of geek-friendly actors with the big names for me being Sean Astin (LotR, The Goonies, Toy Soldiers), James Marsters (Buffy. Angel) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca!!!)

I’ve been lucky enough to have already met James Marsters so while it was exciting that he was here in Glasgow, I didn’t get an autograph or photo as I already had one.

I have met a Hobbit before but was happy to be able to meet Samwise Gamgee to add to Number 21 Meet an inhabitant of Middle Earth. But Sean Astin is so much more than a Hobbit. I mean, he’s a freakin’ Goonie, man! He was also in Toy Soldiers (which is a cracking film) and I admit, was one of my early-teen crushes.

The Goonies, Toy Soldiers and the Lord of the Rings trilogy

The Goonies, Toy Soldiers and the Lord of the Rings trilogy

Waiting patiently in the queue to meet and get a photo taken with him, I watched as elves and hobbits and assorted cosplayers all got snapped alongside him. He was in good spirits, being lovely and welcoming to everyone. One lady was so overcome with it all that she burst into tears when it was her turn and he took a moment to stop and give her a big hug. It’s this kind of moment that make these photoshoots more than just an assembly line, when the person you are meeting shows that they are a human being too (and a kind one at that)

My turn came around and we exchanged a hello, then posed for the photo. Thanking him, I moved along and collected my photo from the printers, took one look at it and sighed. I mean, what happens when you don’t like the photo? Sean Astin is lovely in it. He’s handsome, relaxed and his good nature shines from his face. I, on the other hand, look like a potato wearing a hair helmet (maybe getting a haircut the day before a photoshoot wasn’t the best idea). Such is life I guess. Which is why I won’t be sharing my usual photographic evidence to back up my tick off the List. I hope that after everything we have shared, you trust me on this one!

After another wander around,  I joined the queue to meet Peter Mayhew who plays the one and only Chewbacca. My obsession with Chewie is summed up pretty well in my new book. Suffice to say, I LOVE HIM. And to meet the man who brought him to life was just an honour. I was at the event with my sister and two youngest nephews. I should have been trying to play it cool in front of them but they know me far too well. I was fangirling so hard. He was a softly spoken man, with soft hands that enveloped mine as he shook it and signed a photo for me. A lovely gent.  I left the con with a huge grin on my face.

I love that he wrote 'Chewbacca' underneath, like I wouldn't know who he was!

I love that he wrote ‘Chewbacca’ underneath, like I wouldn’t know who he was!

I really enjoyed the years event with the big name guests and changed layout. I really hope that Showmasters continue to bring this high standard of event to an obviously ready and willing Scottish audience. See you next year!

*to the tune of Another One Bites the Dust