Books v Business (and free stuff)

Hooray! Book 2, The Road to Nerdvana launched last week and I’ve been in a daze ever since. Stunned that I managed to finish a second book, pleasantly surprised that people are buying it and delighted that people are responding to it positively.

This book has been my whole world for the past few months and I know that I should be focusing all of my time and energy into trying to get more people to read it. Writing it was only 50% of the journey, the other 50% is getting other people to notice it/care about it/read it.

I work in marketing so I know what I should be doing….. but in all the excitement of the past few days, something that I had been puzzling over finally clicked in my brain and it’s all I can think about. I’d been struggling to find the theme, a thread that would pull all of my ideas for Book 3 together and strangely, the universe decided to shine a light on it –  this week of all weeks!. The joy of planning another book is overwhelming and has taken over my thoughts. I’m caught up in a writing whirlwind. Spreadsheets have been created, diaries checked and plans have been put in motion. My logical brain is screaming ‘follow up on your press releases’ while my heart is all ‘ignore that, get writing’.

I need to listen to them both as I now have two reasons to try and make The Road to Nerdavana a success. The first being that I worked really hard on writing a book to entertain, make people laugh and hopefully inspire them to their own adventures. And now, the second reason being that the more successful my previous books are, the more I can do to make Book 3 even better. I don’t write these books for the money (thank goodness or I’d starve) but rather to satisfy a need. The need to be creative and put some positive energy out into the world.

If you are one of the people who have already purchased a copy, please know that you are amazing and that if you were here right now I would smush your face and tell you that you were awesome. Thank You.

If you haven’t read My Big Geek Adventure (Book 1) and want to know what all the fuss is about, you can download it for FREE until Tuesday 23rd August 2016.

If you have read Book 1 and would like to read the follow-up, The Road to Nerdvana, you can download it here for the price of a coffee (or FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited).

If you don’t want to buy a copy and are just a bit nosy, that’s fine too! You can find out here about the List and why I’m doing all of this in the first place. Also, Wandering Words, a fantastic book blog interviewed me and you can read it here.

Thanks again and stay tuned for a TON of geek adventures over the coming months!