SDCC: The Art of the Movie Trailer

If you were one of the lucky 130,000 people who were at San Diego Comic Con last weekend, then you are probably going to spend this week recovering from blisters, con flu, an empty bank account and a general comedown of epic proportions.

The rest of us though are going to spend the week sifting through all the amazing announcements that were released over the course of just a few days. The sheer amount of content that came from the biggest celebration of pop culture in the world was almost overwhelming. The panels, exclusive images, casting news… much geeky goodness!

The one thing that knocked my socks off was the sheer amount of trailers released for upcoming movies/TV.

The objective of a trailer is two-fold. Number one, it has to give you the necessary information (this is the movie, this is when it’s out, this is the tone etc) and Number two, it has to create excitement!

With this in mind, I’ve created a list of my Top 5 trailers that dropped at SDCC2016;

5. The Walking Dead Season 7

This one does an amazing job of evoking memories of the previous seasons.  And off the back of season 6, arguably the best season of the series so far, this trailer makes me wish it was October already. The internet is awash with theories on who met their fate at the barbed end of Negans bat and this trailer recognises that……then gives us so much more! It shows us that the writers aren’t quite ready to slow down yet and still have plenty of source material. The introduction of King Ezekiel and his tiger at the end gives us a glimpse into a whole new world for our favourite characters, depending on who is still alive obviously!


4. Doctor Strange

The first trailer and original images for Doctor Strange were released a few months ago, so what’s the big deal about another trailer? Well, for me, I’m interested in this movie because it has magic in it. Not lab experiments gone wrong or mutated powers of some kind, it’s the mystical stuff that makes this movie worth getting excited about. And the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor (he was in Serenity!) are both in it, gives it extra cool points. Consider excitement created.



3. Sherlock Season 4

Another Benedict Cumberbatch role, only this time much more familiar. I love the fact that the Sherlock team basically make 3 movies at a time and yet people still hound them about making more, more, more! Give them a break! The tone for Season 4 seems to have moved away from the humour that split fans about Season 3. This trailer looks dark, putting all of our main characters in unexpected positions. Sherlock looks unsure, almost fearful which isn’t an emotion we see very often in him. And the very idea of Mrs Hudson being so angry with Mycroft makes me genuinely curious as to what he did to incur her wrath. 2017 can’t come quickly enough.



2. Wonder Woman

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Wonder Woman (which I’ll talk about in a later post and link back) but this trailer made me forget all of that and go straight to the love part. It shows us the kind of super heroine Diana Prince is going to be and I am 100% on board. The costumes in this trailer are the stand out for me along with the nods to everything we know about your favourite warrior princess (does this mean Xena is now in second place?). From the lasso of truth to the iconic red and blue armour, I want to see this movie immediately!



1. Justice League




I really did think that I would be putting Wonder Woman at the top of this list as I’ve watched the trailer about 7 times now. But there’s something about the Justice League trailer that, despite the disappointment of BvS, makes me genuinely excited. First of all, who doesn’t love a ‘getting the band together’ origin story? Seeing all these characters meet for the first time and figure out how to work together….it’s what we all loved about Avengers Assemble, right? Secondly, the trailer felt like a punch in the heart – that image of Aquaman being doused in waves? Give me a second to catch my breath! Talk about iconic.  TAKE ALL MY MONEY!


Did I miss any trailers that you are really excited about? What would you have put on your Top 5 list?

L-J x