Bank Holiday Bookshop Bonanza – Another Tick off the List!

While ‘Visit the book town of Wigtown’ has been on my list for a while, it’s been on my radar for much, much longer.  Ever since I heard that there was a National Book town in Scotland I was desperate to go and visit but every time I planned to go, my plans were scuppered in some way.  A couple of weeks ago, while Husband and I were on a mini-adventure, we decided that it was now or never. So we treated ourselves to a Bank Holiday Bookshop Bonanza!

Wigtown Sign

It must have been sunnier than I remembered as I have no pictures whatsoever where I’m not squinting or have my eyes totally shut. So here’s a terrible picture of me at the Wigtown sign!

The first on the list was of course, The Bookshop. This is fairly well known in bibliophile circles as the biggest book shop in Scotland. It claims to have a mile of shelving and after spending a good long while in it I would have to agree!



The next one was my favourite. Tucked away down a wee alley just off the main street was Byre Books.  It specialised in Scottish, mythology and folklore and was essentially just one room (so many of the other bookshops were mazes of little nooks and crannys which I love but I just loved the vibe of this one for some reason.

Byre Books

I’m not very good at taking photos and usually just point and prod my iPhone…but this is one of my favourite photos ever. It’s a hidden bookshop with the promise of magic inside!

Another shop to note was Dragon Books, it was bit more off the beaten track but the owner is lovely and they HAVE A DOG! As far as I’m concerned, every bookshop should have an animal of some kind (like this one in Canada). The dog plus the multiple rooms of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and TV tie-ins made this shop in particular in geek nirvana.

L-J x

Note – if either of my parents are reading this, I know i’m trying to cut down on the books but promise that I only bought four in total (that’s a lot of restraint on my part!)