Duchovny lands in Glasgow

When someone is so incredibly well known for one particular thing, how do they transition into another field?  We see it attempted all the time, actors becoming singers or singers becoming actors.  But when you are a bona fide pop culture icon, that must make it that bit more difficult.  The question is……how does Mulder become a rock star without people totally Scully-ing him?

I was lucky enough to bag two tickets for the first night of the Hell or Highwater tour which started in Glasgow last week. I’m going to be totally honest here, my musical taste tends to lean towards more pumped up rock anthems so Duchovnys blend of Tom Petty/Bob Dylan/Neil Young was never going to be the first choice on my playlist but this was a chance to see an idol in the flesh so I wasn’t going to pass it up.


L-J outside the venue

Ever so slightly excited by the name that’s up there


He took to the stage at the O2 ABC and it felt like it took him a while to loosen up (I would hazard a guess and say he was nervous, first night of the tour and all) but by halfway through the set he seemed more relaxed and to be enjoying himself.  His voice definitely suited the more laid back songs better but I did enjoy it on the occasions that the band got to rock out a bit.

The chat in between songs was fun and gave us a glimpse into his personality. He traded heavily on the Scottish influence (his mum is Scottish) and even appeared in a kilt during the encore. The love he was getting from the crowd was strong with a mixture of the fangirls in the front row and the big rock dudes at the back.


DD onstage

Please excuse the rubbish quality of this photo, I was trying to enjoy the gig and not be one of these people who experience it from behind their phone


Can I take a minute to give a shout out to the group of four 20-something girls who stood next to me for the first few songs? If it wasn’t for your incessant talking, selfie-taking and blatant disregard and disinterest for anything happening on the stage, I wouldn’t have moved a bit further down the front and had a great view. So thanks for that!

This was a unique experience to see, up close and personal, an idol live out their rock and roll dreams. It was a prime example of something that wasn’t on the List but was way too much fun to ignore! I could end with an X-Files pun but that would be soooo predictable……*


*Because hey, the truth is out there/I want to believe/trust no one (delete where applicable)