Virtual life v Real life

At the start of 2016, I was beginning to get a bit obsessed with numbers.  I would agonise over how many people had visited my blog, how many people had liked my social media post.  Fretted over how I could make a success out of doing what I love without a bazillion clicks on my website?  It all got a bit much and I realised that I had to take a step back.

Which is exactly what I did and is why I haven’t posted for about a month.  I took a deep breath, realised the frame of mind I was in wasn’t the best place to be and the schedule that my life was keeping just wasn’t working for me.

So I made some changes.  Nothing massive, I’m not talking about burning everything I own and living on a goat farm.

The first change I made was a slight reduction in my hours at work. I’m lucky that I have an understanding Boss and that it was an option that she was happy to agree too.

The second change was much simpler yet so much harder than than the first…….

I’ve been having a lot of FUN!

I almost feel selfish to admit this but I’ve been concentrating on doing things that I enjoy, with people that I love and just….trying to remember what makes life interesting.  I’ve squealed with excitement when my copy of Star Wars The Force Awakens arrived on my desk. I’ve caught up on books that I’ve been meaning to read.  I’ve enjoyed beloved TV shows and found loads of cool new stuff to watch (both on TV and online).  I’ve been spending time with my family.  I’ve been working hard on my new book to make it the best it can be.  And I’ve been planning lots of adventures for the summer (and even started mapping our Book 3)

Sometimes you need to switch off and go on an adventure

I felt like I needed to switch on and go on an adventure (the illustration is by Neil Slorance who I’ve bought a millions prints from – go buy stuff from him!)

In other words, I’ve stopped worrying about how my online life is and concentrated on the real life version.  The one where I have a new found gratitude for the people who surround me with love but also the freedom to be myself.  And because of that I have so much to share with you and have ticked loads of the list. I’ve went from fretting about content for my blog to having pages and pages of it! Not because it might get me a lot of views but because I had fun and want to share that fun with you.

So I’ll be posting about various adventures that I’ve been up to the past month and have planned for the coming months.  The blog posts might get 2 views or 200 but it doesn’t matter.  I’m learning that the only way to have a healthy life online is to have a happy one offline.

L-J x