Marvel’s Daredevil is a Hell of a show

I admit it, despite being unsure about the positives of binge watching after gobbling up Season 1 of Daredevil, I gave in and binged on Season 2 over the course of 3 days.  And I LOVED it.

I’m going to talk about both Seasons in this blog post so if you haven’t seen it all this is your SPOILER ALERT right here!

While there are plenty of returning characters mixed in with new faces from Hell’s Kitchen to keep things interesting, I think the differences between Seasons 1 & 2 can be summed up by comparing two specific scenes which our hero fights alone…and both scenes take place in close proximity.

Season 1 – The Corridor Fight Scene

This is the most memorable scene in Season 1 and multiple viewings have not diminished my sense of awe when watching it.  It’s one of the best sequences I’ve ever seen on my TV screen and that’s no exaggeration.  From the beginning when Matt is poised at the end of the corridor in his makeshift costume, tentatively stepping into what he knows is the biggest fight he’s faced so far.  To the very end where he is slumped against the wall, fighting to get his breath back, you are there with him on every punch, every step. He needs to get to the end of the corridor.  Not to just save the boy who is being held hostage but to know that all this fighting is for a reason.

I have never felt so much empathy for a character whose face I can’t even see at this point. Towards the end of the scene every knockout is hard won, every punch feels like it’s taken every  last ounce of energy left in his body.  And when he walks out, having saved the life of an innocent, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so proud of a fictional character.

Season 2 – The Stairwell Scene

Moving on to Season 2 and compare this scene to the one in Episode 3.  Our hero faces multiple foes in the enclosed space of a corridor and then a vertigo inducing stairwell.  That’s pretty much where the similarities end.  This time around there is no homemade black ninja outfit but a sleek, red armour.  There are many more nameless enemies but they are dispatched with more ease.  There is no leaning against the wall to catch his breath, more unstoppable fighting machine.  It shows that Matt Murdock has embraced Daredevil and it’s a part of him.

The similarities between the two scenes are noticeable of course but the differences are the most striking thing.

As for the rest of the season?  I don’t want to give too much away (just in case you ignored the spoiler alert) but I felt that it started strong with new characters being introduced, dipped a bit in the middle where not too much happened and then picked up again for a strong ending.

Did I enjoy it? Yes.

Have I fallen a bit more in love with Matt Murdock?  Undoubtedly.

Do I want to see a Season 3 right now?  ABSOLUTELY!

What did you think about Season 2?  What was your favourite scene?