Books at the Botanics, Glasgow

I have a problem that I’m sure many of you can probably identify with.  I have a lot of books.  I mean, A LOT of books. It was getting to the point where  I was starting to get worried that one of the numerous wobbly piles dotted around our flat might finally collapse and trap me underneath.

In an effort to avoid death by pages, I decided to edit my book collection a bit.  At the same time, my bank balance was reminding me that Geek Adventuring doesn’t come cheap so I decided to kill two bird with one stone and take a stall at a book fair.  That book fair was Books at the Botanics in Glasgow.

Book Fair sign

While bidding farewell to the books that had been a part of my collection I didn’t know what to expect, how busy it was going to be or if I would even sell enough books to cover the charge for my stall.  But I thought I would give it a bash anyway.

What I found was a bunch of booksellers who were there for the love of the words, who enjoyed it.  The whole weekend gave me a warm and fuzzy reminder of my time as a bookshop owner and I loved every minute.

Me and my stall

I have written before on the whole books v kindle debate.  I think, in the same way as vinyl is now a treasured object for both the content and the format, so are books.  You can download content left right and centre, on any device, anywhere.  But when there is a special story that you want to treasure, the pages of a book is the best place to keep it.

Did I sell some books?  A few.  Did I make a load of cash?  Not really, but I’ll put it towards a Geek Adventure I have planned at the start of May.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely!

Books at the Botanics can be found in the Hopkins Building.  The next date is 25th to 28th March (Easter weekend).