Con Air reaches new heights at Glasgow Film Festival


Secret Locations!

Dangerous Criminals!

Nicolas Cage being his most Nicolas Cage-y!

What’s not to love?

I wrote in my last blog post about how 2016 was shaping up to be a great year to be a Geek in Glasgow and last night was the kick off of a year of geeky goodness for me.  Glasgow Film Festival was showing Con Air at a secret location and I was lucky enough to have bagged a couple of tickets before it sold out.

First of all, I know that Con Air isn’t a particularly geeky movie, it’s not sci-fi or fantasy.  It’s airplanes and convicts rather than spaceships and wizards.  But it’s quotable, highly watchable and you have to suspend all knowledge of physics to enjoy it. That’s geeky enough for me.  And the fact that it was in a secret location just added a bit of depth and mystery to the whole thing.

Let me set the scene for last nights adventure.  Imagine if you will, a dark and dreich night in Glasgow.  Husband and I turned up at the GFT (Glasgow Film Theatre) and were immediately shown to one of the buses sitting outside.  While being shepherded on, there were ‘marshals’ (in the American justice sense) who were ensuring that us ‘convicts’ were getting to our seats properly and not giving them any attitude.  When we picked our seat, there was a pack with an orange jumpsuit and a pair of handcuffs.

Con Air pack

Seemingly Orange is the new Black?

Thankfully everyone got into the spirit of the occasion and after much huffing and puffing, our bus was soon full of people in bright orange jumpsuits and we were on our way to our secret destination.

‘Maybe it’s going to be in an aircraft hangar at the airport?’ I guessed, thinking about where the best place to watch the film would be and knowing that Glasgow Airport was only 20 minutes away.

Husband looked doubtful ‘I can’t imagine security at the airport letting 200 people turn up to run riot around the airfield’

Point taken.

Eventually we pulled up at our secret location.  It was a building called The Experience in Hillington and it only had a bloomin’ fuselage of a plane sticking out the side of the building.  Talk about setting the scene!

Not something you see everyday....

Not something you see everyday….

On closer inspection it turned out that the building itself had once been a Rolls Royce factory, churning out engines for airplanes.  But tonight it had 200 ‘convicts’ milling around waiting to watch a film, talk about a change of use.

After getting a drink and some popcorn and exploring the venue, we all settled in for the screening of Con Air.  I love watching films in a group. There’s something about that shared experience that just adds something extra to the whole thing. The humorous bits seem funnier when 200 people are laughing along and the explosions seem bigger when you are watching them in an old aircraft factory.  When the film ended it got the round of applause that it deserved.

After the film, we all piled back on to the buses and were taken back to the GFT.  After it seeming so normal to be surrounded in people in orange jumpsuits, it was quite unusual to see everyone heading off in different directions while looking like traffic cones.  I was a bit embarrassed about having to walk back to our hotel with our Day-Glo orange attire until I realised no one batted an eyelid.  And that is one of the many reasons I love this city!

Thank you Glasgow Film Festival for a great night and hopefully the rest of the Fest is as much of as success!