Another Tick off the list – Meet Bill Bryson

I’m not a fan of January.  As I write this, I’m wrapped in a blanket surrounded with half drunk bottles of water and piles of used tissues.  Yes, the New Year lurgy has well and truly hit.  But in an attempt to start the year off in a positive way, I wanted to share with you the latest tick off the list – Meeting Bill Bryson!

At the end of last year, Husband and I jumped in the car and drove from Glasgow to Harrogate to attend a Q&A with the one and only Bill Bryson!

He was on the list because his travel writing has inspired me greatly over the years. The sense he gives that anyone can have their very own adventure while travelling. You don’t need to be climbing Mount Everest or crossing the Atlantic in a canoe. Adventure can be found in the most mundane of situations.

The Q&A was held in a beautifully old fashioned theatre in Harrogate where we were regalled with tales of his travels and excepts from his newest book ‘Notes from Little Dribbling’.  From the sound of it, the book was to be as wonderful as the rest of his work.

After his Q&A (during which I was lucky enough to ask a question), the looooong queue formed to get his newest book signed.

I waited patiently along with the hundreds of others and eventually it was my turn to step up to the table.


Not the most flattering photo of me I must admit! But proof that I met him and could cross it off the list

Not the most flattering photo of me I must admit! But proof that I met him and could cross it off the list

I said hello and thanked him for the Q&A, he recognised my voice from asking a question earlier and asked me if I had moved to Harrogate.  I told him no, that Husband and I had travelled from Glasgow to attend.  He was genuinely flabbergasted that anyone would drive that far to meet him and it seemed to put a smile on his face.

For the book itself, it was devoured within a couple of days.  It’s exactly what you would expect from a Bryson book, full of grumpy charm and you come away from it feeling like you have learned something new.

As with most things on the List, it was totally worth the effort to tick it off and now I have a signed Bill Bryson book and the memory of meeting one of my heroes in the flesh. I can’t wait to see what 2016 might bring for my Adventure.  Now, if I could only stand up without wobbling like a weeble….