Confession from a paperback lover

I have always read a lot of books, mostly before I go to sleep at night.  Have done ever since I was a kid.  Sometimes it would be for 10 minutes to lull me to sleep and sometimes, if the book was good enough, it would carry me into the wee hours of the morning.

My reading habits have changed massively in the past few months.  I’ve been on a secondment which takes me 2 hours to get to (a drive, a walk, a train and a walk).  It can be a bit draining but it does mean that for an hour a day for two days a week, I’m on a train with nothing to do.

Because of this I’ve read more books in the past few months that I did in the six month previous and I LOVE IT.  I’ve enjoyed numerous tales as the train trundles along the track.

Now, here’s where the confession comes in…..I’ve read all of these books on a Kindle.  I find that uncomfortable just to write never mind admit out loud.  As a (past life) bookshop owner and a staunch supporter of the printed word, I’ve been vocal in my opinion that paper versions are so much better than digital.

And I still think that.  I mean, I’ve written and self-published my own book on Kindle and I’m proud that I had an avenue that let me put my story out there but I could die happy if I walked into a bookshop and saw my latest book on their shelf for people to touch, smell and buy.

I will always buy books but I find the Kindle has opened up a whole other world of writers for me.  Writers who have bypassed traditional publishing (for whatever reason) and decided to do it their own way.  The books that I am reading on this device are not from my usual favourite authors but from writers who I would never have gotten to read otherwise and that would be a real shame.


Nick Spalding Life with no breaks

The first of two brilliantly funny memoirs which will get you funny looks on the train from trying to stifle your giggles!

Nick Spalding

The first Kindle author that I started to follow and take an interest in.  He wrote a couple of fantastically funny books based on his own life and then branched out to fiction which is equally full of belly laughs.  There are quite a few books in his back catalogue so if you enjoy them, there’s plenty more where they came from.


Roaslind James Just This Once

Dreamy New Zealand romance for some welcome escapism

Rosalind James

Every gal wants a bit of romance in her life and thanks to my documented obsession with New Zealand (here and here), these romance books about NZ rigby players provide a wonderful way to spend a few couple of hours.  James has captured a romance that feels down to earth (which is a very Kiwi trait) and believable.


Angela Marsons Silent Scream

The first of a FANTASTIC series which will keep you hooked

Angela Marsons

A recent find and addition to my list but I have devoured all three of her crime novels as quickly as possible.  A strong female lead and enough suspense to have you wishing the train would break down in the middle of nowhere so you can keep reading. Can’t recommend enough!


Stephen Leather Nightfall

Jack Nightingale is great in this supernatural thriller

Stephen Leather (specifically the Jack Nightingale stories)

These were published traditionally (I have the books to prove it) but for some reason the publisher decided to stop.  Now Jack’s supernatural thrillers are published digitally and I actually think they are the better for it.  A great series of books to get your teeth into if you aren’t scared of turning the light when you are done that is….


While my heart will always lie with a book I can hold in my hand, I thank all the gods that I have a way of finding these wonderful writers and fantastic tales.  For anyone who is plucking up the courage to press ‘upload’ on their own book and be digitally published – you can do it!