Once Upon A Parks and Rec Lady Love

That is certainly one of the strangest headlines I’ve ever typed that’s for sure!

Thanks to the dreary drizzle fest that is the Scottish Summer I’ve been on a bit of a binge-watching…..well, binge.  Husband and I got through all 7 seasons of Parks and Rec in less than a month and we are halfway through Once Upon a Time after only a couple of weeks.

I realise that they aren’t two shows that you would normally hear being talked about in the same breath but I adore them both for the same reason. They *like* women.

Now, this is not a feminist rant here.  I’m an equal opportunities geek.  I don’t care what age, colour, gender or orientation you are.  If you are a part of a fandom I love, the chances are we are going to get along just fine!  There are other websites that can probably talk about this subject on a much more intellectual level than I can.  I’m just going with my gut feelings here like I do for most things.

Back to these two seemingly polar opposite shows.  Yes, they like women and more importantly the women in them LIKE EACH OTHER! They have friendships that they cherish and nurture.  They have romances with cute guys but not at the expense of losing themselves (or their friends).  They talk about things other than boys.  I can’t tell you how refreshing that is!


Everyone deserves a friend like Lesley Knope

Everyone deserves a friend like Lesley Knope


I feel when I was growing up, I had Buffy to look up to as an example of a strong female fronted TV show that had rounded, fun and intelligent male and female characters who interacted with each other. I was worried that the next generation of geeks weren’t going to have that. But with Parks and Rec, Once Upon a A Time and more recently Agent Carter I don’t have to worry about the lack of kick-ass females on our TV screens.


Friendship Goals - Buffy and the Scooby Gang

Friendship Goals – Buffy and the Scooby Gang


I just wish that some of the money men behind some films would take a leaf out of these TV shows’ books.  I would pay good money to see a Marvel Black Widow origin movie and a recent rewatch of Kick Ass 2 has made me pine for a Hit Girl movie


Yes we do!

Yes we do!


I see reality TV filled with women who are pitted against each other or actively don’t like each other.  Geek TV seems to be the most accepting of women and recognise that they are as strong, complicated and wonderful as their male counterparts and that some of their most important relationships are with their female friends.

With most conventions having a 50/50 split of male/female attendance and the majority of fan fiction being written by ladies, it’s heartening to think that the female fans are starting to have their voices heard and those voices are saying that they are more than just the eye candy or the ‘token’ woman.

I’m off to get in touch with all the fabulous ladies in my life to remind them how amazing they are!