#SDCCfrommycouch Round Up

What a fantastic weekend that was! #SDCCfrommycouch was even more fun that I thought it would be. OK, so the biggest convention on the planet was in San Diego and I was at home in Scotland but that didn’t stop me from seeing as much as I possibly could via the wonder of the interwebs. In fact, I probably saw more from my couch than I would have if I had to stand in the queue for Hall H for hours! Here are some of my highlights….

You might want to pop the kettle on and then put your feet up before you read this post, it’s a long ‘un!

William Shatner panel

The very first panel I watched was with Captain Kirk himself. It was quite a coup for Nerd HQ to get William Shatner to do a Conversations for a Cause panel. I mean the man is an ICON (yes, capital letters are needed here) and you can tell how excited Zachery Levi was to be hosting. I’ve seen other panels or interviews with Shatner where he seems to meander a bit or not quite seem to know what’s going on but this smaller, more intimate setting suits him.


Con Man trailer

Is anyone else REALLY EXCITED about Con Man? I mean pretty much the whole cast of Firefly are back on screen together. That alone is worth getting your knickers in a twist about. Add that to the fact that the trailer looks really funny and I know I will be paying my £9.99 to Vimeo come 30th September.


Star Wars Panel

Did you hear about the Star Wars panel?  Not only were there some amazing panelists but all 6,500 attendees were then escorted to a nearby park for an exclusive ‘Music of Star Wars’ concert.  No one else was allowed, only these people and everyone got a free lightsaber!!


Bryan Cranston mic drop

Not many people could get away with a ‘Yo Mamma’ joke….but Bryan Cranston can.  Unless he’s Walter White and then he can only do ‘Knock Knock’ jokes…….nerd pun…….tumbleweed……moving swiftly on.


Joss Whedon

I would go to the ends of the earth to listen to this man speak.  I’ve already met him once (and managed to squeeze about 5 words out) and will watch this panel numerous times.  There’s something about watching your idol being a really cool person that makes everything in the world seem a little bit more shiny.


Sherlock trailer

I wonder if the whole ‘Victorian’ angle of this clip is just to throw us off the scent.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the next season and is just Moffat and Gatiss messing with us.  Either way, it was lovely just to revisit these wonderful characters.


Stephen Amell entrance

This put a giant goofy grin on my face (as opposed to the usual medium-sized goofy grin).  Stephen Amell is turning out to be a fantastic addition to the geek sphere – open, social media savvy, a genuinely nice guy who cares about this show and fans.  And he’s Canadian!  10 extra cool points right there.


There was so much other stuff, I could have written a post three times the size but I just wanted to share my best bits.  And there are still loads of panels to watch and blog posts to read!

What about you? Where you actually at SDCC? What were your favourite moments?