Geekfest Road Trip 2015 Part Two

If a geek is tired of London, then she is tired of life

….or something like that…

It’s true though, London is a geek girl heaven. Fan of Sherlock? Then definitely check out Speedys Café (where the external bits of 221b Baker Street are shot).  It’s not on Baker Street though, you will need to head a couple of Tube stops away to North Gower Street.  Then head to St Barts hospital before it gets knocked down!



Sherlock and John weren’t home that day…


If you are a lover of all things Pratchett and are still mourning the fact that he is no longer with us, I would definitely recommend heading to Brick Lane and taking a trip down one of the side streets, Code Street to be precise. There is some breathtaking street art celebrating him and the artwork of Josh Kirby.


A wonderful tribute to Terry Pratchett

A wonderful tribute to Terry Pratchett & Josh Kirby


Love board games? Then you should definitely check out Draughts, one of the first Board Game Cafes in the UK. We spent a wonderful evening there and I was the Connect 4 Champion! (the less said about Monopoly the better…)



Draughts, the board game cafe…right before the tears and tantrums!


We could have wandered the streets of London for days but we only had two and a half…..and now on to Cardiff!  Part three can be found here


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