Geeks rule the Interweb!

After taking a few weeks off from the blog to go on an epic Geek Road Trip, I had assumed that my first post back would be about sharing some highlights with you.  But then the internet got AMAZING and there are way too many things to talk about….

Any Supernatural fans out there?

The Hillywood Show first came to my attention a couple of months ago when a friend posted their Doctor Who parody on my FB page.  But then this came along and BLEW. MY. MIND!

The attention to detail is a thing of beauty and the actress who plays Dean has his mannerisms down to an art form.

It deals with with happens at the end of Season 9/Start of Season 10 so it may be mildly spoilerifc if you are watching in the UK on E4 or don’t read any reviews from the US or haven’t already guessed what Season 9 is leading up to.

Any Firefly fans out there?

I found this when Captain Mal (AKA Nathan Fillion) retweeted it.  For any fellow Browncoats out there, it sums up exactly how we feel!

Any massive geeks looking for their new favourite show out there?

I’m proud to say that I am a member of Geek Syndicate and one of our esteemed leaders, Barry AKA The Nuge, has taken to YouTube to share his thoughts on all things geeky.  Immensely likeable and always with an opinion on the latest geek happenings, I would recommend your subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of his videos!

So there we have it, the interweb continues to astound me with the creativity and passion of my fellow geeks.  I promise, I will share some Road Trip highlights soon!