How Sean Maher made this Browncoat’s day

They say you should never meet your heroes as you will always be disappointed.  This post shows that ‘they’ sometimes talk a load of rubbish!

Husband and I travelled down to North Wales last weekend to attend Wales Comic Con.  I had been looking forward to it for ages, it was very ‘Whedon-heavy’ with Nicholas Brendan (Xander from Buffy), Sean Maher (Simon Tam from Firefly) and Mark Sheppard (Badger from Firefly).  I was in Browncoat heaven and was looking forward to getting them both to sign my Firefly book (which Joss Whedon had signed a couple of years ago)

All was going well, we got into the venue without too much of a queue and when I met Sean and Mark during the autograph session they were both charming and chatty.  I left with a grin from ear to ear (see photographic evidence below)


Three down......

Three down……a few more to go!

I had also booked photo-ops with both of them but they had been scheduled at the same time.  I had already checked though and the staff had said that it would be easy enough to be in one queue, get my photo taken and then slip in at the end of the other queue – sorted.

So while standing in the Mark Sheppard queue, enjoying the Welsh sunshine and chatting my fellow queuers, I panicked when I saw Sean Maher come walking past.  No!  He was meant to be firmly ensconced in the studio being hugged to within an inch of his life by fellow fangirls.  Why was he here?

Luckily, someone spoke to him so he stopped to chat back (being the polite man that he is).  In a panic, I addressed the staff member that was with him

‘Is Sean’s photo shoot over?  It’s just I have a ticket and I was supposed to be in this queue and then join his queue and…..I have a ticket!’ All in a panicked voice while fumbling in my bag trying to find the ticket.

‘There’ I waved it aloft.  ‘Have I totally missed it?’

‘I’ll just need to ask Sean’ the staff member motioned to him as he was finishing up with the chatty fan in front.

‘This lady has a ticket but didn’t realise you were finished’

Now here is where it could have gone one of two ways…..

Knowing that he had a panel to be on in half an hour and wanting (quite rightly) to grab a drink and a sit down before facing hundreds of eager Browncoats, Sean could politely say that he had to go and left me devastated.

But no, without a minutes hesitation he said ‘Come on, let’s go back’

My heart soared, I couldn’t believe that he was prepared to go back in.

‘Thank you so much’ let’s count how many times I say this (1).

‘Oh no, problem’ he smiled.  ‘I don’t know why they had the shoots at the same time’

‘Me neither, I really appreciate you coming back with me.  Thank you (2)’

We walked back into the room where the shoots were taking place and the photographer was setting up for the next one.  She smiled when she saw Sean walk back in.

‘We’ve found a straggler’ said Sean. ‘Are we OK to take one last picture?’

She agreed and I thanked her (3).

We posed and as we were standing I said……..can you guess…….’Thank you so much (4), I really didn’t want to miss getting a photo with you’

We spoke for another couple of minutes then headed back outside to where Husband had held my space in the queue.

‘Thank you again (5)’ I waved after him as he strolled off before bouncing around with glee.

Sean Maher, a true gentleman

Sean Maher, a true gentleman

The morale of the story is this – Kindness knows no boundaries. Whether you are a famous person or an Average Joe, sometimes taking a minute of your time to do something for someone else can make their whole day.

Thank you (6) Sean Maher, I salute you!