We’re going on a Geek Adventure Road Trip!

Remember when I decided to give myself a year to cross off as many items from my Geek Adventure list as possible? I thought I did pretty well with my 52 weeks. I wonder how many I can get crossed off in just 2…..

As many ticks as possible in 2 weeks? That can mean only one thing – ROADTRIP!

Yes, long-suffering Husband and I are in the midst of planning a 2 week road trip around this fair isle and I have managed to ……persuade him…..to stop off at some locations where ticks can be found.

Two weeks of road trippy goodness coming up!

Two weeks of road trippy goodness coming up!


I will of course be sharing some photos and stories with you along the way but this also means that Book 2 in the Geek Adventure series is in full swing (hopefully released in late Summer/early Autumn).

Does anyone have an suggestions for geeky places we should be stopping off on our trip? Feel free to share! Think places that films/TV shows have been shot, places with legends attached to them, aliens, vampires, ghosts, Jedis…..the possibilities are endless!