I survived a Zombie Apocalypse (kind of)

One of the items on my Adventure list is Number 6. Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Kind of hard to do, I realise. Not the type of thing that you can practice on a Saturday afternoon in the local church hall. But my sister came up with the next best thing…

Our local theme park, M&Ds, were (and still are) running an event called Outbreak and my big sis decided to buy Husband and I tickets to the first night. There wasn’t much in the way of information on what would actually occur on the night but the marketing behind the event was first rate. The local newspaper ran an article on the up-coming zombie apocalypse which was picked up by various outlets including Buzzfeed.

Someone give this guy a hand?

Someone give this guy a hand?

Husband and I turned up at 9pm on a cold Saturday night and made our way from the (very poorly lit) car park into the theme park entrance. It was pretty quiet with the theme park itself not actually being open but we duly handed over our vouchers and were ushered to the back of the reception and told to wait for further instructions.

We were soon joined by a group of 6 others and then guided through to a separate room. This room was made up to look like a theatre and there we met a young gentleman who informed us that he was a professor at an Institute of Infections. Something had gone horribly wrong and some of the case studies had become ‘undead’ and were showing extreme violent tendencies. Once the set up was over (and the health and safety talk – don’t punch the zombies now!) alarms started going off and we were guided to another part of the building.

The building was set up essentially like a haunted house and we had to make our way through it to safety – through the path of the infected….

I have two things of note about this whole experience

1. My sister is a psychology bigwig and we had had a conversation a couple of weeks before about primal fears.  She said there are only two – falling and loud noises  I can testify that when someone is screaming in your face, even though you know they are an actor, it awakens something very primal in your soul.  All you want to do is get the hell outta there!

2. In my head, I always thought I would be a cool customer in the event of a zombie apocalypse.  I’ve seen enough films and read enough books to know to aim for the head and avoid getting bitten.  In reality, I was a quivering mess.  No weapons to speak of (don’t punch the zombies remember) meant that I was reduced to flailing my arms around like a crazy person and yelping whenever the infected got close.  To make matters worse, I managed to get my Doctor Who bag caught on something and was stuck between a screaming zombie and one of ladies in other group.  While I was frantically trying to free myself she just shoved me at the zombie and hightailed it out of there!!

After running through the rest of the ‘infected lab’, I raced through the door and was startled to find myself back in the safety of the bar area of the theme park. I turned and Husband was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t know what to do and started to dart back in when he ambled through the plastic sheeting.

‘What happened?’ I yelled. ‘I was about to come back in for you’.

‘Everyone else ran and I got stuck behind about three zombies’ And being the gentleman that he is, he didn’t elbow them aside to make it to safety instead trying to side step them very politely while they were screaming in his face!!

The whole experience was very quick – only 15 minutes from start to finish – which I was a bit disappointed by but it certainly got the adrenaline pumping!  I don’t feel that I can completely cross the item off the list yet but it certainly gave me a taster of what might be!  Just watch out for the rage infected monkeys!

L-J x

Image courtesy of the Walking Dead TV show – no copyright infringement intended