Revisiting the Geek Adventure List

I’m feeling reflective today.  As this blog grows (a big thank you to everyone who has read, shared and commented already) I found myself wanting to revisit THE LIST.  The list that I wrote way back in 2012, not knowing at the time it would change my life forever.  I realise that sounds dramatic but it is very true….

If I hadn’t sat and wrote out my Geek Adventure list on that boring day back in September 2012, I would never have had the guts to chase my dreams.  I would never have got to meet Joss Whedon on a windy night in Glasgow.  I would never had travelled to Alberta, Canada to visit the town of Vulcan.  I would never had written a book about it and I would never have discovered my passion for geeky travel.  I can’t imagine how my life would be now without experiencing all of these things.

Just a few things I have experienced over the past couple of years

Just a few things I have experienced over the past couple of years

So, I decided to go back the other day and properly revisit it. The List that had started out with 30 items (OK, and some sub-categories), now it has 47!  And it’s growing constantly.  While I don’t plan my day to day existence around it, it’s always in the back of my mind.  Is there a geek opportunity I’m missing?  How much fun would it be to visit X or Y? It’s become a part of my soul and I find it hard to explain that to people sometimes.  There’s more to it than just rushing around trying to meet famous people (as fun as that part is).  It’s an ethos, a way of life, a reminder to myself that being curious is a good thing and not to get jaded by the world around me.

With this in mind, a seed of a plan has begun to grow on how to combine travel, writing and geekery in a way I haven’t before.  I realise that is a cryptic sentence but I’m just starting to work out the details of what could be a VERY exciting 2015!

Live Long and Prosper!