The Beauty on your Doorstep

As you may know, I have spent the  last (nearly) two years running around the UK and beyond trying to cross off items from My Big Geek Adventure list.

It’s been great fun, exploring new places and getting out of my home town of Port Glasgow for a while. I’ve lived there all of my life and while my childhood is etched in every nook and cranny, it will  never win any beauty contests.  But something happened the other day that changed my perspective.  I was out for a walk, the sun was shining and I turned the corner to be treated to THIS VIEW…

Gorgeous views right round the corner

Gorgeous views right round the corner

Gorgeous right?  For so long I’ve been chasing the new and unknown that I had forgotten about the beauty that was just waiting for me at home.

With my eyes now wide open, everything looks like it belongs in a painting.  I was driving from my home to Glasgow yesterday, a journey I do pretty much every day and I actually SAW, for the first time in a long time, how beautiful the drive was.  For so long, I’ve been focussed on the destination that I was ignoring the journey.

Then I hit the motorway which is usually shorthand for concrete and traffic jams (that’s not until you get nearer Glasgow) but this was the view out of my car window.

View over the Clyde

View over the Clyde

Have you ever seen anything as lovely?  Sometimes, the Clyde is so still that it looks like you could walk across it.
Other times you can see groups of swans gathering (well usually just their bodies as their heads are under the water).  To live near such an impressive and important body of water is a blessing.  One of my favourite times of year is the Summer, when the Waverley makes her way ‘up an doon the watter’.

Even on an overcast day like this morning, there’s no denying that the view is spectacular.

Scotland without the sun - still lovely!

Scotland without the sun – still lovely!

I feel like Scotland is whispering in my ear and reminding me that sometimes, the most beautiful places in the world are on your doorstep.

L-J x