My Big Geek Adventure: What’s On Your Geeky Bucket List?

Fandom is a funny thing, it makes you passionate about things that other people don’t give a second thought about. Last year, as I was daydreaming during one particularly slow day at work I took out a piece of A4 paper and scrawled TO DO LIST along the top.

Now this was not an unusual occurrence as I had a (usually) busy job that required juggling many projects at once.  But this list was different. At the very top I wrote: Meet Joss Whedon.

I’ve been a fan of Joss since discovering Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a teenager and my admiration has only grown over the years.  Meeting him was something that I had always dreamed about. So on that Friday afternoon, I decided to write a bucket list.  Not any old bucket list, one that would be full of all the geeky things I wanted to do.  The places I wanted to go and people I wanted to meet.

As I emptied my brain on to this piece of paper it struck me as odd that everyone has one of these  lists but very few seem to do anything about them.  We all have one or two ambitions that we say that we would like to do but day-to-day life seems to get in the way.  Surely by the time we are old (or god forbid, ill) it’s, dare I say it, too late? With those thoughts, the list was written and then tucked inside a notepad in my bag where it sat for the next week.

A week later, as I was fishing around in my bag looking for my purse I pulled out the list.  It had been folded and squished and the corner of it was covered in something brown and unidentifiable (I’m hoping that it was the remnants of a squashed chocolate bar I found later that day). And again, I glanced over it, mused about why people left their bucket lists until they were actually due to, well, kick the bucket and then set it to one side.

Something at the back of my mind kept niggling at me. Glancing at the list again I realised that I genuinely did want to try all of the things on there.  I didn’t want to put it back in my bag only to pull it out again in a months time when I was looking for some scrap of paper with an important phone number on that I had scribbled hastily and then thrown in my bag for safe keeping.  I WANTED to do the list.

Consumed with the fever that you only get when you are in the grip of what seems like a good idea at the time, I clicked open my Facebook page and decided that if I put the list online then it would be ‘real’ and I would have to try and at least accomplish one or two items.  Better than that (or so I thought) I’ll put a time limit on it.  If I didn’t I would suffer from my usual procrastination and nothing would get crossed off.

Within ten minutes, I had built a page on Facebook.  It was quite a simple affair with a photo and a statement saying: I have one year – until 30th Sep 2013 – to cross as many geek activities as I can off my list.  Join me in My Big Geek Adventure. I shared it with my friends thinking it may appeal to a handful of them and give the rest a bit of a chuckle and then carried on with my day.

The next day I checked in on my Facebook page and nearly fell off my chair.  My page that I had set up in the space of minutes had 52 likes.  That was 52 people that were interested enough to click on the page and follow it.  Panic gripped me, it was now real.  I had put it out into the public domain and now I had no excuses. I couldn’t just feebly attempt a couple of things and then put it to one side when things didn’t come easily.  I had 52 people that I was accountable to and would be asking me questions about the whole thing.  What if I didn’t get one single thing crossed off the list in the year?  What if they were all impossible and I was laughed off of social media and had to become a hermit?

That was 8 months ago and what an 8 months it’s been!  I’ve been Nessie Spotting, created my own superhero, had a Lord of the Rings Marathon, met Scott Bakula, been to two conventions with a third coming at the end of the month, attended talks by Mark Millar and Brian Blessed, had a Torchwood book signed by John Barrowman, had my reviews published online, have over 200 people on Facebook joining in the fun and most importantly, I MET JOSS WHEDON!

There’s still just over 5 months to go and I have lots of plans to tick more things off the list.  Will I tick them all off?  Probably not.  Will I give them a damn good try?  Absolutely! What’s on your Big Geek Adventure list?

My Big Geek Adventure List

  1. Meet Joss Whedon – DONE
  2. Go to Comic-Con
  3. Create my own superhero – DONE
  4. Go vampire hunting in Whitby
  5. Experience zero gravity
  6. Survive a zombie apocalypse
  7. Visit Cardiff and go on a Doctor Who/Torchwood Tour
  8. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow
  9. Learn how to ride horseback
  10. Get photobombed by Nathan Fillion
  11. Build my own Tardis
  12. Go UFO spotting
  13. Drive a Chevy Impala
  14. Visit Hobbiton
  15. Watch all 50 of SFXs Top 50 Superhero movies – ONGOING
  16. Learn Klingon
  17. Go Nessie Spotting – DONE
  18. Get an article published in a respected sci-fi magazine/website – DONE
  19. Watch all three Lord of the Rings movies back to back – DONE
  20. Read every Discworld book Terry Pratchett has written – ONGOING
  21. Meet (and get a photo as evidence) as many of the following as possible; (the actors that play them NOT an actual werewolf/vampire/alien – although that would be cool….)
    • Captain of a spaceship – DONE
    • An angel
    • A demon
    • A king/queen
    • A vampire
    • A werewolf
    • A time traveller – DONE
    • A superhero
    • A super villain
    • An alien
    • A mutant
    • An inhabitant of Middle Earth
    • Authors that I admire – DONE
  22. Be an extra in a TV show/film
  23. Go to a Cosplay event
  24. Visit the town of Vulcan in Canada
  25. Watch Kick Ass 2 with Mark Millar
  26. Try some True Blood
  27. Visit Stonehenge
  28. Go on a Tour of the Most Haunted places in the UK
  29. Finally figure out what happened at the end of the X-Files – Watch the whole series in order – ONGOING
  30. Read all George R.R Martin A Song of Ice and Fire books – ONGOING

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Posted on Geek Syndicate on April, 12, 2013