So….hello then


I’ve finally taken the plunge and sorted myself out with a blog.  Having recently started reviewing for Geek Syndicate and having to figure out how to use Word Press I decided I should probably have my own blog since I already have a Facebook page and Twitter account.

So, whats the point of this blog then?  Well, last September I set myself a bit of a challenge.  I wrote a list of all the geeky things I’d ever dreamed about doing and then decided to actually get up off my butt and give them a try.  I’ve already accomplished some of them and people have been very supportive in my efforts.  But there’s still six months to go and A LOT of items on the list that need ticked off.

I figured if I had a blog, then I could chat a bit more about what my plans are and scream with excitement when I manage to tick something off the list.

I’ll post the list later but in the meantime, first (proper) post on My Big Geek Adventure complete!

Thanks for reading